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2015-10-01 cover

Harper’s Inferno

How Canada’s most malevolent Prime Minister sent this once-great country to Hell | by Stephen Whitworth READ

Canto 1: Facts | by Paul Dechene READ

Canto 2: Women | by Cenobyte READ

Canto 3: Environment | by Paul Dechene READ

Canto 4: The Economy | by Paul Dechene READ

Canto 5: Democracy | by Gregory Beatty READ

Canto 6: Justice | by Gregory Beatty READ

Canto 7: Foreign Policy | by Nathan Raine READ

Canto 8: Civil Liberties | by Gregory Beatty READ

NATION Public Privacy Between hackers and our government, it’s a scary online world | by Nathan Raine READ

NEWS What Just Happened? News and nightmares from the campaign trail | READ

OPINION Trouble At Home Can Trudeau take Calgary from Stephen Harper? Maybe. | by Gillian Steward READ

WORLD The Age Of Refugees Europe’s Syrian migrant crisis: the shape of things to come | by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS Vote Or Consequences We can cast ballots for a better Canada or pay for it later | by David Suzuki READ

STUDENT LIFE Don’t Do These Things A back to school Not-To-Do list by red-faced Prairie Dog and Planet S writers READ

MUSIC No Way, B.A. Polaris snubs! Grant glitches! Meet Can-Con’s kryptonite man | by Hank Videoclip READ

MUSIC Toe Tappin’ Times How my feet got pampered with Rosie And The Riveters | by Craig Silliphant READ

FILM Sex, Love And Minnie Gloeckner’s comics make a sharp, ambitious dramedy | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Damon Vs. Outer Space The Martian: an optimistic sci-fi epic Mr. Nolan can’t deliver | by Paul Constant READ

FILM Justifiable Homicide Woody Allen’s quest for the perfect crime continues | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Hnetflix | by Shane Hnetka READ

ART Inside Jokes Marriott’s witty show suggests artists are the best critics | by Gregory Beatty READ

QCC Against All Slobs | by Anonymous READ

BONUS COLUMN I’ll Fix That Stupid Sun When I’m done, fall days won’t get darker and colder | by Dr. A.G. Sohnejaeger READ