Hate Canada? Loathe facts? Despise science? Here’s your man

ELECTION FEATURE by Stephen Whitworth

Prairie Dog’s poor opinion of Stephen Harper should be well-known by now. We think he’s a monster and we’ve got good reasons for our collective opinion.

The Conservative leader’s ideas about almost everything are repulsive. He opposes federal daycare programs, which is sexist and backwards. He antagonizes First Nations. His attitude towards science is pure shit — shutting down Arctic climate stations and experimental lakes, filling dumpsters with the contents of research libraries, terrorizing government scientists (true story — one such scientist recently declined being interviewed by us for a non-political article because, he said, he feared repercussions).

Under Harper, environmental organizations like The Sierra Club have had their charitable tax status threatened while right-wing think-tanks like the Fraser Institute sail along unmolested by tax inspectors.

Harper killed political funding based on the number of votes a party gets, because, we assume, he’d rather have a political party’s financial power determined by which one has the richest friends. Gee, which party has the most rich friends? Oh yeah — his.

He’s ruining home mail delivery and weakening the CBC in an era when news media across the board are in financial crisis and struggling to do their jobs. You have to think the Conservatives want media to be in trouble. Because without smart reporters constantly asking shitty prime ministers annoying questions, those PMs could get away with anything. How conveeenient.

Frankly, Harper’s an asshole. And even frankerly, he’s a traitor who hates everything great about this country.

Why, we could probably bang out 10,000 words on this prick and his crummy political party without breaking a sweat.

Who thinks that sounds like a good plan for the Oct. 1 Prairie Dog?