FEATURE by Devin Pacholik

World Snake Day is an annual celebration of all things serpentine. The day — on July 16, according to my editor who only just informed me of this obscure occasion — is apparently an annual tradition we all know and love? I decided to sink my teeth into Snake Day festivities by calling three of the hottest establishments to find out how they were marking the occasion. Here are the highlights of those phone calls.

Bushwakker Brewpub

2206 Dewdney Ave. 306-359-7276

Hello. Nigel, bartender at Bushwakker. What can I do for you?

Hey, Nigel. I’m a reporter. I just have some questions, uh, for Prairie Dog.

Oh. Hey.

I’m wondering if you’re aware World Snake Day is on July 16?

You have to speak louder. I have a brass band playing.

Did you know World Snake Day is on July 16!?

I did not know that. Do we have Whacking Day coming up as well?

That’s terrible! World Snake Day is a celebration of—

Whacking Day would be awesome following the Snake Day.

That makes sense. If you’re not aware of World Snake Day, maybe you could imagine a cocktail that would be appropriate to serve?

Snake Bite, maybe? I don’t know if there are any anaconda drinks. Something with venom.

Have any ideas for music you might play for World Snake Day?

I can’t hear you.


Yes. The music is too loud.

Uh –

I have to go, I’m working.

The Willow On Wascana

3000 Wascana Dr. 306-585-3663

Willow on Wascana, Brandon speaking.

Hi, my name is Devin, a reporter with Prairie Dog. Could you answer a few simple questions?


Did you know July 16 is World Snake Day?

I did not.

What kind of drinks might you serve on World Snake Day?

Something sour?

Something with bite then?

Yeah… Bite. Ha ha.

[At this point, I tried to get Brandon to name a few snake-themed food items The Willow might serve.]

“We could cook a snake,” he said. “Not pasta. That seems too obvious.”

Beer Bros.

821 Scarth St. 306-586-2337

Cheers! This is Taylor with Beer Bros., how can I make your day better?

Hi! I’m Devin, a reporter, well freelancer I guess, with Prairie Dog. Do you have time to talk to me about World Snake Day? It’s on July 16.

Snake Day?

Yup. Thursday, July 16. Snake Day. What kind of drinks might you serve on World Snake Day?

We’re looking for summer cocktail ideas. That would be a good theme.

You might actually consider a snake-themed menu? For World Snake Day?

I can pass the idea along to management.

There you have it. Regina is primed to honour the planet’s beloved crawling creatures. Though I’ll probably keep things low-key this year, and stay in. Get my wife a bouquet of snakes.