You must see the pattern: you get high on some guy and tell everyone he’s “the one”. A few months later, there’s no sign of Romeo and you have a new so-called soul-mate. Blah blah blah, wash, rinse, repeat. Don’t you see how annoying this is? Do you have fucking amnesia after every break-up?

Your friends and co-workers are tired of your constant boasts of bliss and over-the-top Facebook ejaculations. We’re terrified every time you even mention a new guy because it means you’re about to make us watch you whack your magical instant-love piñata again.

Sure, a few of us really do hope you find true, long-term happiness but at this rate what worthwhile man would take you seriously? After multiple marriages and more so-called “serious relationships” than you can shake a stick at, it’s time to grow up.

You might think you’re love-struck but you’re making us love-sick!

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