If you’ve been on F.W. Hill Mall in downtown Regina lately you’ll know that a number of summer patios have sprung up to allow patrons of various coffee shops, restaurants and bars to enjoy their food and beverages in scenic outdoor settings.

At last count, there were seven patios on the pedestrian mall, each butted up against the front entrance of the host business. While the patios are a welcome addition to the street life of the downtown, they have sharply reduced the amount of space pedestrians have to maneuver on the mall.

Cycling and skateboarding are already prohibited on F.W. Hill Mall by a city bylaw. But with pedestrians being funneled to the centre of the mall by all the patios it’s especially critical that everyone respect this bylaw.

On a sunny summer day, literally thousands of people are moving about, and it’s simply not safe for a cyclist or skateboarder, no matter how slow they’re going, to be passing through. So please dismount and walk when you’re on the mall during day-time and early evening hours.

I know this isn’t much of a rant. But I don’t feel very ranty today. Just wary that someone, especially an elderly person or a child, is going to get hurt. /Anonymous


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