My partner and I have lived in a heritage apartment building for two years. When we moved in we were in awe of the beautiful architecture and the affordable rent, all in the heart of a gorgeous neighbourhood.

It wasn’t until a few weeks in that we realized how poor the living conditions really were.

For two years we’ve had to deal with terrible neighbours to the point that the police now make weekly appearances at our building. Then there’s the front door to our building, which does not lock properly. There are suites that can only be locked from outside, which makes us feel unsafe in our homes. And just recently, we’ve found needles in the hallways.

We’ve had constant plumbing issues, and most recently — and the final straw for us —  bedbugs.

The bedbugs spread through the gaps between walls and baseboards. We’ve told our landlord about the bugs, but his response is to come in at random times and spray our apartment. We’ve still got bedbugs in our suite. Despite this, he’s still showing our suite to rent it out.

I cannot stand to see a beautiful heritage building like ours be slowly destroyed from the inside out.

You may be wondering why we had stayed for so long. When you make less than 30K a year and live in a city with little affordable housing, what’s a person to do?


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