Busybody Get Bent

QCCDear concerned female who yelled, “that baby should be at home!” out her vehicle window at me when I emerged from the east SLGA Friday, Feb. 27 at around 7 p.m., toting my baby in his car seat in one hand and a six-pack in the other: thank you SO much for your considerate parenting advice. When I stopped and did a complete 360 looking for you, I saw several people in parked cars, none of whom made eye contact with me. You were wise to not draw attention to yourself after offering your constructive criticism. You are also very fortunate that my close friend, who I related the experience to via text immediately upon returning to my car, wasn’t there with me; she has listed everything she wants to do to you and your vehicle in beautiful detail.

And guess what? My baby and I were out until 11 p.m.! And, if you can believe it, he survived! /Anonymous

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