Older issues

photo by Darrol Hofmeister

COVER After The Accident A remembrance of the artists and friends we lost on Highway #6 | READ


NATION Bending The Rules How the Harper government’s anti-terrorism laws go too far | by Gregory Beatty READ

MEDIA Journalism At Gunpoint Religious extremism is a threat to democracy’s oxygen | by Mitch Diamantopoulos READ

POLITICS An Outdated Grudge Communism? How about a tribute to the victims of Harperism? | by John F. Conway READ

WORLD Peak Everything There’s no unlimited growth on a planet with finite resources | by Gwynne Dyer READ

SCIENCE MATTERS Stop The Buzz Kill Ontario declares war on bee-menacing farm chemicals | by David Suzuki READ


PINTS A Hop Odyssey Join the quest for the magical ingredient that makes beer sing | by Jason Foster READ


ART The Women Show Like great work by female artists? The Dunlop delivers | by Gregory Beatty READ

FILM REVIEW Rosewater | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM REVIEW After The Ball  | by Jorge Ignacio Castillo READ

FILM Hnetflix | by Shane Hnetka READ


QCC The Last Waltz | READ