The Pistolwhips are cracking from Saskatoon to London

by Craig Silliphant

photo by Amber Bucholz

musicThe Pistolwhips
Thursday 12

When I ask The Pistolwhips how merch sales are going these days, they tell me they’re striking a sponsorship deal with Uncle Mike’s All Natural Products, pimping some kind of Pistolwhips soap on their upcoming tour.

“He’s a big fan of music and reached out to us,” says Pistolwhips bass player Zach Davies. “So we’ll be keeping fresh with his products for the tour.”

The ’whips had a great 2014: their record On Your Side was named Best Album in the 2014 Planet S Best of Saskatoon Readers’ poll, they won a $10,000 Rawlco 10K20 prize, and they recently returned from England.

“We were well-received,” says guitarist Paul Kuzbik. “London has a really vibrant scene — from the street art to the fashion to the music — and a lot of people were digging on all kinds of music everywhere we went.”

The Pistolwhips sold out of their merchandise in London, so they’re now restocking prior to taking their bluesy rock strut on tour across Western Canada. And if their new sponsorship agreement is any indication, it’ll probably be the nicest smelling tour van you’ve ever encountered.

Assuming you also find the smell of weed enticing, that is.

“Paul’s been known to blaze a little wacky tabacky to help pass the time,” says singer/guitarist Rylan Schultz. “He’s the hippy in the band.”

The Pistolwhips’ fanbase has been steadily growing, thanks to both their music and word of mouth about their kick-in-the-face live set. They each have different ways of preparing to plug in and blast the audience, although all of them seem more well-grounded than the usual rock-star routine of chugging whisky or doing a Tony Montana-sized mound of blow.

“We’re big fans of warming up before we play,” says Kuzbik. “I like to do yoga and eat a really good meal before the show.”

“The adrenaline that starts pumping hours before the show gets me going,” says Davies. “Also, the puking. I get nervous.”


The Pistol Whips will play an early show at O’Hanlon’s, wrapping up before the Thursday night dance part gets going. No cover charge.