Here’s a rundown of performers at the festival. You can learn more at /Gregory Beatty


You can read more about this London/L.A.-based artist elsewhere in this feature. On Thursday, Feb. 22, Athey has a book signing for Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey at University of Regina’s Fifth Parallel Gallery. Then on Saturday, Feb. 24 he’ll perform Messianic Remains at the Artesian.


On Feb. 22 at Neutral Ground, this Toronto artist will present two works: Flowers and Dirty Plotz. In both, she makes use of her body and humour to challenge the status quo, transgress boundaries and envision alternate realities. Dobkin will also give an artist talk at the university (Riddell Centre, Rm. 050) Feb. 23 at noon.


This New Yorker describes herself as a transpecies artist who uses humour to explore the disconnect she sometimes feels in North American society, and her desire to communicate with other living creatures. Feb. 22, she’ll perform The Human Factor at Neutral Ground. Then on Feb. 24 she’ll perform Consider the Lobster at the Artesian.


The New York-based Grey uses permeable notions of male and female gender to critique ideas of power, oppression and violence in our society. She’ll perform Homage on Feb. 22 at Neutral Ground.


You can read more about this Regina performance/queercore duo elsewhere in this feature. Feb. 22 at Neutral Ground, Jaye Kovach and Leo Kaiser will perform How Fucking Loud Do I Have to Yell?


O’Brien suffers from cystic fibrosis. On Feb. 23 at Artesian, this London-based artist will conduct the durational performance Breathe For Me in which he dramatizes the impact of this genetic illness, which disrupts the respiratory system, on his health and well-being.


A Toronto curator/critic, Davies is Performatorium’s writer in residence this year. On Feb. 23 from noon to 2:30 p.m. he’ll moderate a panel discussion on the festival theme at the Artful Dodger.