I had planned to do a post today on the CFL East and West finals, but since the Rider season ended somewhat ingloriously last weekend in Edmonton I’ll leave the CFL coverage to other media outlets in town (although if you want to read what Ron Mexico, Earl Camembert and Cal Corduroy had to say prior to last weekend’s semi-final games feel free).

Instead, here’s a heads up about an EP release that Regina singer-songwriter Rebecca Lascue has planned for Friday, Nov. 28. The EP is called Love, Loss & Hot Chocolate and it features six songs. In recording the album, Lascue had help from three members of her family– Evan (guitar) and Joy and Kate (backing vocals). A number of other local musicians chipped in on select tracks too, including Glenn Sutter (djembe), Scott Fulton (cajon), Gaetan Hammond (bodhran), Karley Parovsky (violin), Catherine Folstad (cello) and Michael Paul (bass).

I don’t know if any of them will be helping out at the launch, which is at the Artful Dodger (doors at 8 p.m., admission $10), but Allyson Reigh (of Rosie and the Riveters) and the Red Foxes will perform as well.

To close, here’s video from 2012 of Lascue performing a song that was included on the EP. It’s called “The Irish Wanderer”, and was inspired by time Lascue spent in Ireland a few years back: