daily-aggregation-2All right, let’s see what’s going on out there in the news. We’ll just roll through the ol’ bookmarks and BAM, aggregation! This’ll be easy. Who’s one board?

THE TORONTO STAR: Twenty-five years ago, Canada’s parliament vowed to end child poverty. Canada’s PC, Liberal and Conservative governments over the last quarter century all broke that promise.

THE CANADIAN PRESS: Will Canada’s Supreme Court take on a case that could expand the rights of aboriginals and Métis?

THE GLOBE AND MAIL: There’s a petition to get more women’s pictures on money. I’ll sign that.

CBC: That slight narrowing of the gap between the richest Canadians and the rest of us is good news for the economy. No shit, Sherlock. Put more money into regular people’s hands and they spend it and keep it circulating.

CBC SASK: Saskatchewan brings in stronger anti-poaching laws and health care workers aren’t washing their hands enough. Also, a new Saskatchewan mother has been advised not to pay her almost million-dollar medical bill after her insurance company, Blue Cross, refused to pay it.

THE LEADER-POST: City Council doesn’t care about public pools, here’s a story about a neighbourhood and a bypass, and Murray Mandryk reminds us the Brad Wall destroyed Saskatchewan’s film industry.

THE STARPHOENIX: It’s not easy being homeless in Saskatoon in winter.

CJME: Moose Jaw’s city council doesn’t like the loss of home mail delivery. Tough to feel sympathy. Moose Jaw voters back members of the political party that openly hates public services. You get what you vote for.

ALSO, ALL THIS: There’s a nightmare snow situation in Buffalo; the Keystone XL pipeline is briefly blocked in the United States, there’s more rape allegations against once-beloved TV dad Bill Cosby, a deadly virus is confirmed to be killing starfish and Israel takes its revenge because just killing terrorists isn’t good enough I guess.

BUZZFEED HAS VIDEOS! Let’s watch one. Hey, this one has cute animals. They have stuff like this on the Internet? Who knew.