daily-aggregation-21 CITY SETTLES PLAZA LAWSUIT Big news. I remember when I was really excited about the idea of a multi-use plaza, but while the plaza we got has some uses, I think, as someone who sees it every day, its problems outweigh its benefits. Someone should write a book on it. (Dechene?)

2 IS THE GREAT, OILY SASKABOOM OVER? Read Regina’s Best Political Reporter’s column on it.

3 BIG PROPERTY TAX HIKE IN SASKATOON? That city’s council debates a 7.23 per cent increase to property taxes.

4 SAD A 70-year-old man was mugged for his groceries. Ugh. How bad does your life have to be to mug a 70-year-old man?

5 FINANCE MINISTER REPORTS TO CANADIANS Well, to the Canadians who pay $800 a plate to support the shittiest government in Canadian history. The rest of us can go fuck ourselves, I suppose.

6 SPEAKING OF CBC The Conservatives are destroying it. I’m sure they have a lot of support from those who vote for them. Darn CBC, reporting facts and paying journalists. Everyone knows media should only be owned by super rich people and used to tell the rest of us how to think.

7 IT’S JUST RESTING European Space Agency scientists say their comatose comet probe might wake up this spring. Huh. Maybe its tired and shagged out from a long squawk? It’s got beautiful plumage!

WHAT’S SO FUNNY? This cockatoo thinks that joke was pretty good.