I am probably the biggest Saskatchewan Roughrider fan in the prairie dog editorial universe, such as it is. And I think Weston Dressler is one of the best receivers to play for the Riders in a generation.
But I am quite sure that there are many other native-born Reginans who should have been recognized for their contributions to the city than a football player. Hell, there are a lot of other retired Roughriders – George Reed, Ed McQuarters – who should have been so honored before Dressler. That is, if Mayor Fougere spent any more time deciding on this honour than he apparently did on Regina’s transit system.
It’s sadly obvious that Mayor Don’t Care Fougere sees the City of Regina as a taxpayer-funded support system to property developers, construction companies, and realtors, and the Riders are the equivalent of ‘bread and circuses.’ This so-called honour shows less about Dressler’s off-field contributions to our city and more about Mayor Fougere’s disconnect from the life of Regina.