daily-aggregation-21. THE RIGHT WAY TO COVER A STORY An American journalist argues the way CBC handled covering the shooting on Wednesday is the way to do it right: less sensationalism, disclaimers about the shape-shifting nature of the situation and strictly informative.

2. MORE SECURITY NEEDED, OR JUST “COMMON SENSE”? Postmedia’s Michael Den Tandt says overreacting with intense security isn’t the answer, but more stringent measures are needed, which are “in now way draconian, in a democracy,” to check people in the entrance to Parliament Hill: metal detectors, soldiers armed, etc.

3. LESS SECURITY NEEDED, NOT MORE? Former diplomat Scott Gilmore says Canadian political leaders ought to be less naive and more vigilant, but reacting with paranoia and panic would be a greater risk to the founding principles our country is supposed to be based on.

4. RACISTS REACTIONS TO CANADIAN MUSLIMS Paranoia and panic, they can bring the worst out in people. Keep a cool head Canadians; fueling hatred and causing suffering upon the innocent only escalates the problem – it doesn’t fix it.

5. YORKTON EXPLOSION A canola plant blew up this morning in Saskatchewan. Officials suspect it was dust catching fire that caused it.

6. SMART METER PROBLEMS The provincial NDP is arguing the government should’ve stopped the smart meter program when eight sockets were damaged during the trial period.

7. EUROPE VS. CLIMATE CHANGE The European Union (EU) is aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 40 per cent by 2030 with a new agreement. Some environmentalists are saying it’s not enough.

8. INTERNS VS. HOLLYWOOD NBCUniversal is paying out $6.4 million to unpaid interns following a lawsuit filed against a number of big movie studios.

This week’s song is from an old school 8-bit beat’em-up favourite on the NES that gets me jumping to work everytime. Enjoy Running Around the City from River City Ransom: