daily-aggregation-21. PLANS FOR SASK DEMOCRACY MUSEUM The NDP is criticizing the Saskatchewan government for spending money on a museum of politics over other priorities like health care or education. NDP leader Cam Broten argues other museums could cover the same area, but don’t have the funding.

2. WOMEN SPEAK OUT ABOUT DANGERS OF LITERARY INDUSTRY Like many industries, the literary world isn’t free from problems of sexism and abuse either. Poet Emma Healy shares her story.

3. RUDDY SPEAKS ABOUT BARBERSHOP EXPERIENCE Speaking about sexism and abuse, Evie Ruddy spoke at the YWCA and Big Sisters’s Power of Being a Girl conference on Thursday. She talked about the attacks and threats she suffered from criticizing Ragged Ass Barbers for refusing service, due to her being a woman and despite wanting a man’s haircut style.

4. MARS MAY KILL POTENTIAL COLONISTS QUICKLY A feasibility study shows the first human will die of suffocation in 68 days without some way to produce nitrogen – of course, such a machine would be too heavy to land onto the planet’s surface. Couldn’t it be dropped in pieces? Or would the colonists suffocate before they could build it? The 26 month delay on supplies probably doesn’t help either.

5. THE COSTS OF POVERTY Though poverty levels are down in Saskatchewan, those in poverty are faring worse than before, according to a recent report.

6. ZOMBIES OF THE BUREAUCRATIC KIND Prime Minister Stephen Harper is decrying attempts to ressurect the long-gun registry by “bureaucratic” means.

7. WORLD WAR E The author of World War Z explains why people don’t have to worry about the ebola outbreak escalating in the same way.

8. THE CONNECTION BETWEEN NIXON AND MR. BURNS Voice actor for The Simpsons and Spinal Tap bassist Harry Shearer is impersonating Richard Nixon for a Youtube series, while using the former president’s actual secret audio recordings. Yes, that’s happening. Here’s why.

Mainly because a good portion of my brain is old video games – for my portion of the daily aggregation, I’m now going to show off a piece of sweet video game music every week. We’re starting off with a classic, heroic piece that’ll get you fired up for anything: saving the world, heading to work or maybe just changing a really rank diaper. Here’s from Dr. Wily Stage 1 from Mega Man 2 on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES):