ScarecrowsFive mercenaries rob Camp Pendleton and then kidnap a pilot and his daughter, forcing them to fly them to Mexico. Things are fine. They have three and half million between them, they can all live happy. Except one of them, Bert (B.J. Turner) decides that he doesn’t feel like sharing. He pushes the loot out of the plane, throws a grenade and then parachutes out himself.

He lands in a farmer’s field and that’s when the fun begins. The rest of the mercs toss the grenade out the plane before it explodes and they are pissed. Bert has hurt himself in the landing and is dripping blood. He makes his way to an abandoned farm house where he takes a truck and looks for the loot. There are scarecrows everywhere. Three of the mercs have jumped out after him and a searching the area for him. The last merc plays spotter on the plane looking for Bert and guiding the rest towards him. They all have their headsets on and they constantly taunt Bert.

Bert finds the money and loads it into the truck. He gets a little ways away then the truck breaks down. When he checks the engine he finds there wasn’t an engine in the truck. Rattled he drags the money through fields. The taunting on the headset gets to him and he ditches the money as he finds himself back where he first landed. Then a scarecrow kills him. All hell breaks loose as the remaining mercs fight for their lives against the scarecrows.

The movie is pretty low budget but it manages to make of the most of it. The film is just creepy, the music, the camera and especially the make-up effects on the scarecrows creates a nice nightmarish setting. Plus creepy scarecrows.