Carnival of soulsA young woman (Candace Hilligoss) is riding in a car with a couple of other women. Their vehicle is drag racing another car on a bridge when their car goes out of control and crashes off the bridge. The woman emerges dazed and confused.

She later starts driving to her new job as an organ player at a church in another town but a mysterious man (writer/director Herk Harvey) seems to be stalking her. Once she reaches the town, the man keeps appearing and things start getting more and more nightmarish. She’s drawn to an abandoned amusement park. At times it’s like nobody notices that she’s around, she always uneasy and a eerie melody plays on her car radio.

This low budget effort wasn’t very well received when it was first released in 1962 but in the 1980’s it had a revival and is now recognized a a cult classic. The film also influenced George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead.

There’s not a lot of dialogue and the film has surreal feel to it. There’s also a twist to the sparse story at the end. It was badly remade in 1998. Like Night of the Living Dead, the picture was released without a copyright on the film and so it has fallen into public domain, which makes it easy to watch but the quality of prints vary. Still a creepy and eerie movie to watch.