Ziggy Marley was 12 when his dad, legendary reggae artist and political activist Bob Marley, passed away in 1981. For children of famous artists who chose to follow in their footsteps, the road can never be easy, as they’ll inevitably be compared to their more famous parent. But with a swack of studio and live albums to his credit, six Grammy awards, and some solid accomplishments as a humanitarian and activist in his own right, Ziggy Marley has carved out a pretty decent career for himself.

Thursday, Oct. 2 he’s in town to play a show¬†at Casino Regina. Doors to the show lounge open at 7:15 p.m., and tickets are $45/$52. To get everyone who’s got plans to attend in the mood, here’s the video for his song “I Don’t Want To Live On Mars” off his 2014 album¬†Fly Rasta: