It probably has something to do with their location in the northern latitudes which results in plenty of frigid winter weather and a grievous shortage of daylight during certain times of the year, but Scandinavia is a real heavy metal hotbed. The preponderance of Norse legends and other myths and stories probably has something to do with it too. But Sweden, Finland and Norway have produced a lot of metal bands over the years.

As it happens, Regina is a bit of a metal hotbed too. And on Saturday Sept. 20 we’re playing host to a band from Finland called Sonata Arctica. The band’s been around since the mid-1990s, and in March they released their eighth studio album called Pariah’s Child.

The concert goes at the Exchange on Saturday. Sharing the bill are two other metal acts Delain (from the Netherlands) and Xandria (Germany). To get the blood flowing here’s the video for Sonata Arctica’s first single off Pariah’s Child called “”The Wolves Die Young”: