daily-aggregation-21. CLIMATE SUMMIT WRAPS UP Speeches and promises, some harsh criticism, some reflectionmore reflection,  and a reminder that Canada’s prime minister is an enemy of global warming action.

2. HUMAN BAGS OF FECES BEHEAD ANOTHER PERSON Unacceptable. Yes, it’s a complicated problem. But for now let’s just enjoy the widespread agreement that Islamic State militants are turds.

3. SOME WEATHER It’s unseasonably warm. (See what I did there?)

4. SIAST NO MORE The college changes its name to Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

5. CONSERVATIVES TALK TOUGH BUT ARE WIMPS ON RUSSIA Our oil-loving government avoids putting sanctions on Russian oil companies because money talks and it told them not to have any principles.


7. INDIA CONQUERS SPACE Great! I hope the country conquers misogyny next.

8. MAYBE THE U.S. SHOULD NUKE SMALL TOWN AMERICA? No no no, that would be extreme.

9. “FORGET THE STICKS. DIG OUT THE CARROTS” The Leader-Post has a right-on editorial on Regina Transit. I hope the paper remembers it’s “we should invest money in public services” argument the next time someone ponders writing an editorial endorsing smaller government or calling for tax cuts (which  — spoiler alert — pay for public services like transit).

10. “THE DARK GUY IN THE MIDDLE” The Vancouver Sun makes a joke and gets in trouble. Racist? Maybe, but I doubt it. Kinda think it’s the opposite, actually. But given the amount of racism in both society AND hockey, it’s just too soon.

11. ROB FORD’S WILD NIGHT New details on the incident that led to Rob Ford entering rehab. Addiction is a hell of a thing. It’s too bad Ford has been an angry, mean homophobic jackass — he could’ve had a ton of support for his problems. Ultimately, sympathy is better saved for down-and-outers who don’t have the backing of multimillionaire families.

12. GETTING BENT OVER THE iPHONE 6 My next phone apparently bends? Uh oh.

“I’M GAY. GET OVER IT.” A Pennsylvania state senator who wants the state’s hate crime laws expanded to protect LGBT citizens comes all the way out of the closet with style. He’s funny, he’s inspirational and he’s worth 107 seconds of your time. (via Paul Constant at The Stranger)