That’s what Saskatchewan’s Social Services Minister Donna Harpauer told CBC when she was asked about the waiting list for social housing. You can read the story with that quote here. Personally, I assume* there ARE quite a few Reginans desperate for social housing, because rents have massively increased in the last, I dunno, eight years or so? And a lot of people’s income has not.  If you rent in this city, you’ve probably been hammered financially.

I have a call out to the Regina Housing Authority to find out how big the waiting list is and I’ll update this post when I find that out.

*I also assume that homelessness is not a priority for most Saskatchewan voters. I don’t believe the majority of people in this province are very concerned about poverty. I think many Saskatchewanians are afflicted with the small-C conservative tendency to blame the poor for their misfortune. I’d be happy — thrilled! — to be proved wrong.