In a Guelph courtroom today, Justice Gary Hearn found Conservative staffer Michael Sona guilty of voter suppression under the Elections Act for a campaign that preceded the 2011 federal election where thousands of fraudulent and misleading calls were made to voters in that city. The calls generally targeted non-Conservative supporters and were designed to harass and confuse them as to the location of their polling stations.

Sentencing has been put off until a later date, and in delivering his verdict the judge indicated that he thought Sona had had help from other individuals in orchestrating the campaign. At one point, he even used the phrase “aided and abetted” in describing Sona’s actions which suggests someone higher up in the party was the true master of the illegal campaign and that Sona, as a party underling, had been doing their bidding.

You can read more in this CBC report, which concludes by noting that Elections Canada’s investigation into the robocalls scandal is continuing.