Huh, it’s International Cat Day. Who knew? Buzzfeed has “purritos”, Canoe has a run-down of Internet cats, The Guardian talks about cats in this piece about Russia’s war on bloggers, Wired explains how cats can hack Wi-Fi networks, Boing Boing has a scary cat video, The International Business Times has a list of cartoon cats,   the Columbus Dispatch has cats terrorizing dogs, Bored Panda has a bunch of stuff, Big Cat Rescue has cute cougars  and we need a video, don’t we? And it should have music because the Folk Festival is on right now! Okay, uh, that’s an awkward segue, but how’s this?

One more thing: the Regina Humane Society has its Just For Cats festival tomorrow, in support of, yes, obviously, cats. Check it out.

Happy International Cat Day!