daily-aggregation-21. POLICE STAND-OFF IN SASKATOON Shots have been fired inside a house where a man was threatening to harm himself. More here.

2. SHIT BE GOING DOWN IN IRAQ The latest from BBC plus a column in the Washington Post on just whose fault this mess is. Oh! And of course, CBC’s Nahlah Ayed weighs in.

3. GAZA WAR 2014 Saskatchewanians call for the University of Regina to cut ties with Israel.

4. ANOTHER SMART METER FIRE Or not. SaskPower president Robert Watson says,  “…the smart meter did not burst into flames or anything like that.”

5. THE BUSINESS OF YOUR LORDS AND MASTERS Finance Minister Joe Oliver has a summer retreat to meet with fancy, important people.

6. BREAKING THE RULES The federal NDP gets dinged for improper spending. I assume that the reason they play loose with the rules is because they saw how well it worked for the Conservatives.

7. COP VS. FORD Former Toronto police chief Bill Blair has hit city councillor Doug Ford with a notice of defamation. Here’s a list of people the Ford Bros. have threatened to sue but not followed through, possibly because telling the truth about their nonsense isn’t defamation.

8. “TWO-HEADED DOLPHIN CARCASS” What. The. Hell. What amazes me is this animal lived long enough to get to this size.

9. KEVIN O’LEARY LEAVES CBC FOR CTV Good riddance. He’s awful and only jerks would like his shows.

10. REMEMBERING ROBIN WILLIAMS Well, if the gigantic size of coverage is an indication, he sure meant a lot to people. Here are a bunch of articles from websites I visit frequently. First, here’s are two obituaries from The New York Times, one from the Guardian, some comments from Saskatchewan performers and Canadian comedians, a reflection on Williams the gamer, a column on Slate, a video from The Globe And Mail, here’s Williams on a picket line and finally, here’s comedian Rob Delaney on dealing with clinical depression. I take medication for depression myself and I second everything he says.

VIDEO: MORK VS. FONZIE In honour of Robin Williams I’m posting videos all week. Here was an early performance on Happy Days as Mork (from Ork). It’s pretty dumb but it’s also kind of fun.

Naturally, the characters met again.