That’s the title of a talk that’s being held at Neutral Ground Contemporary Art Forum on Saturday, Aug. 9. It’s being presented by New Zealand artist Brett Graham. Of Maori descent, Graham is one of the country’s most accomplished sculptors.

Graham represented New Zealand at the 2007 Venice Biennale and the 2010 Sydney Biennale, and he also exhibited at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa in 2013 as part of an international exhibition of indigenous art. Earlier this year, he participated in a residency in New York, and now he’s doing a second residency in Regina.

While Graham’s here, he’ll be creating a new sculpture for an exhibition that Neutral Ground and other partners have in the works for 2015 called Wanted. Graham’s talk is subtitled “Negotiating a Space for Indigenous Art in the 21st Century”. Here in Canada, that space has seen indigenous artists use a blend of traditional and contemporary media and art techniques to address a huge range of historical and current concerns in indigenous communities across the country.

How does that compare with Graham’s experience as a Maori in New Zealand? You can find out at his talk at Neutral Ground Saturday at 8 p.m. And to find out more about Graham here’s a link to his website.