When my family was visiting from out of town a couple of years ago we did a two-for-one tour with the kids on Dewdney Ave. west of the Lewvan.

Our first stop was Government House (pictured at left). Then we swung by the RCMP Heritage Centre to check it out and catch the Sunset Retreat Ceremony.

I’d been to the old RCMP museum, but that was my first visit to the Heritage Centre. It was also my first visit to Government House. Both are pretty decent tourist attractions and offer a lot of insight into the early days of Saskatchewan’s settlement history.

Each year around this time the Government House Historical Society (GHHS) hosts an antiques and collectibles auction to raise funds for programming and other necessities at Government House.

The 2014 event goes Aug. 15-16. On Friday there will be an opportunity to view the items for sale, which include furniture, vintage toys, jewellery, porcelain, china and more, from noon to 5 p.m. The auction itself will be on Saturday starting at 10 a.m., and proceeds will go to support the GHHS.

For more information visit the GHHS website . You can also find out about other events that are held at Government House such as Victorian Teas and guided tours.