DemostrationWith the sound of fireworks audible in the distance as the Riders took the field to play the B.C. Lions at Mosaic Stadium, about 200 men, women and children were demonstrating at Victoria Park in downtown Regina to show their distress at the outbreak of violence in the Gaza Strip.

Rockets have been launched toward Israel by Hamas, but with Israelis protected by the “Iron Dome” defence system there’s been minimal casualties. In retaliation, Israel has conducted numerous missile strikes and other armed sorties (1200 at last count) and as of Saturday evening 156 Palestinians had been killed during the five day bombardment.

The demonstrators called for a halt to the violence, the resignation of uber-hawkish Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, criticized the Harper government for its staunch support of Israel in the quagmire that exists in the region, and called for recognition of the Palestinian right to self-determination.

You can read more on the violence in the Gaza Strip in this CBC report.