daily-aggregation-21. THE CANADA REVENUE AGENCY SAYS PREVENTING POVERTY IS NOT A LEGITIMATE TAX DEDUCTION Well gee, I can’t see how this terrible decision is rationally or morally defensible.

2. CONSERVATIVE WAR ON CHARITIES COULD INCLUDE DONOR DISCLOSURE If a nice government that didn’t have a history of abusing power and attacking political enemies (and wasn’t in the pocket of the corporate and oil lobby) suggested something like this, I’d be willing to consider that it might be a reasonable idea. Coming from these assholes, I seriously doubt it’s anything other than the usual Conservative bullshit. Oh and hey, you can read more on the ongoing Conservative attack on free speech here.

3. MEANWHILE IN TRASHING THE PLANET NEWS A study says an Arctic oil spill would probably cross international borders. Maybe the Canadian Revenue Agency should audit the World Wildlife Fund for such blatantly political non-science activities as studies like this.

4. SAY YOU’RE SORRY An international organization of judges and lawyers has asked Canada’s Prime Minister to apologize to Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin for idiotic comments he made a while back after he tried to do something stupid and incompetent.

5. CONSERVATIVE GOVERNMENT POSTS A HUGE DEFICIT Story here. Why does anyone think conservative governments are good with money? They toss money at dumb, expensive ideas and cut taxes for rich people.

6. SOME STORM! Clean-up is under way. More on the storm here. Power went out in the pub I was in last night for, I dunno an hour maybe? Hour and a half? I took a photo! Would you like to see it? Okay!

Weather (ohanlons blackout)



8. MEANWHILE IN KILLING CIVILIANS Here’s the latest news on Israel’s ongoing attack on the Gaza strip. You know, the one where Israel blows up schools, hospitals and children playing on beaches.  By the way, Gwynne Dyer has a nice analysis in our new issue. You can read it here.

9. WILL CANADA’S GUN LAWS LOOSEN UP SOME MORE? Here’s a story from earlier in the week.

10. SHOOTING AN UNARMED PERSON IN THE BACK, TWICE, IS APPARENTLY NOT MURDER IN THE U.S. ANY MORE “The lady didn’t run as fast as the man, so I shot her in the back twice. She’s dead … but he got away.” Might be time to put up a wall between Canada and the U.S. We don’t need that country’s fucked-up gun culture here.

11. ANOTHER BUNGLED EXECUTION IN THE U.S. What is wrong with that country? Executing criminals is uncivilized, as this story makes clear.

12. TEEN SEXTER STILL HEADING TO TRIAL Here’s an update on the ludicrious sexting case in Manassas, Virgina, where  public pressure stopped authorities from inducing an erection in a teenager and photographing it.

13. SEX GECKOS DOOMED TO DEATH IN OUTER SPACE? Sure, you could read the actual story but it’s probably more fun to read this piece about a small spark of joy in the dull day of the Internet’s headline writers.

14. SO WHAT THE HECK ARE ADVANCED STATISTICS, ANYWAY? The Columbus Dispatch has a really good introductory feature on the NHL’s growing interest in Corsi numbers — from my beloved Columbus Blue Jackets perspective, of course.

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