daily-aggregation-21. R.I.P., METRO Regina’s free commuter newspaper is shutting down–it will be online only starting tomorrow.  Metro Saskatoon is also walking away from print. The sad thing is that I actually saw people reading Metro (unlike, say, Verb), so I know its loss will be felt. I’ll write more on this later today or tomorrow. UPDATE: Oooh, and I see Greg wrote about it here.

2. DON’T WANNA BE UNDER THE SEA Three million acres of Saskatchewan farmland were flooded. Yikes.

3. RELATED: DRAINED WETLANDS MAKE SASK FLOODING WORSE Hmm. Perhaps we should restore some of these wetlands.

4. 88 DEAD AFTER ISRAELI REVENGE ATTACKS Fuck. If I wanted to blame the victim I guess I’d say, Palestinians should use Gandhi-style non-violent resistance to get Israel off their backs. Non-violence would work. But I don’t want to blame the victim, so basically I guess it’s time for international sanctions against Israel until they get the fuck out of Palestinian territory.

5. REGINANS WHINE ABOUT PARKING This is Regina: “Wah wah wah!” Look, the simple fact is that every single person on Regina cannot have a parking spot open in the exact place they want to go at all times. It’s just not possible. Also not possible? A FUNCTIONING CITY WHERE EVERYONE DRIVES CARS EVERYWHERE ALWAYS. Regina’s parking problem isn’t lack of parking, it’s sprawled suburbs, low density living, high rent that makes it hard for people to live near their jobs/college and an underfunded transit system. The people who want more parking (basically everyone) simply do not understand that cities don’t work that way. They don’t. They can’t. Can’t be done. Not possible. Get over it and focus on the real problems.

6. YOUNG MOOSE HIT AND KILLED BY A TRUCK IN REGINA Sad. H/T to moose-spotter Ashley.

7. ROB FORD SAYS HE ISN’T A HOMOPHOBE BUT HE SURE ACTS LIKE ONE Toronto’s ridiculous mayor refuses to honour the city staff and volunteers who helped make a festival with a $300 million economic impact happen. Then again, no surprise–this is the samepublic leader who tried to have Toronto’s pride flag taken down.

8. AMERICAN PROSECUTOR DEMANDS PHOTOS OF HARD TEEN COCK I wish I was making this up but I’m not. Hopefully Manassas* police and prosecutors will withdraw charges against the poor 17-year-old who got busted for texting pics of his own junk to his consenting 15-year-old girlfriend.

*Yes the town is really called Manassas. I assume it’s pronounced “man asses.”

9. GERMANY PUNTS A HIGH-RANKING CIA OFFICIAL OUT OF THE COUNTRY You may recall that the U.S. spied on German Chancellor Andrea Merkel. After a year of bullshit excuses I guess her patience has totally run out.

10. TICKED OFF There’s more of the little bastards this year.

11. MO’ SQUITOS The assholes are swarming.

CAN YOU WAFFLE IT? The answer appears to be “usually”.