Meet loyal Prairie Dog reader, three-time Typo Wiener and sexy moustache man Brad Joyce. Brad is seen here in a blatantly staged shot, pretending to read the new issue. He’s actually read the entire paper already. I asked him for an easy-to remember quote about the new PD. His one-word answer?

New Dog (june 26)



No no, Brad’s kidding. He totally loves us. Now here’s the what’s-what, vis-à-vis and in regards to the new Prairie Dog.

SCENES FROM YOUR SUMMER If you’re not sure where to go or what to do for the next couple of months, check out our pull-out guide with all the information any Regina human could possibly need! Gloriously illustrated* by Dakota McFadzean.

MY TIRED, BULLET-RIDDLED COUNTRY Prairie Dog’s Occasional Official American Contributor, Paul Constant, writes about how guns make him sad. While he acknowledges one or two good things happening in the U.S. — increasing support for same-sex marriage, the decriminalization of pot in some state, a $15/hour minimum wage in Seattle — he says, “I don’t think meaningful change is happening fast enough to repair the invasive rot chewing the foundation of our nation into so many soggy toothpicks.” Yikes! Features a terrific illustration by big-deal Sask ex-pat artist (and former Prairie Dog art director) Nigel Hood.

UNDERSTANDING HARPER Calgary-based expert journalist Gillian Steward explains why the guy is like he is. Hmm, interesting!

AND MORE, MORE, MORE! We’ve got a depressing story on the sadistic murder of the beloved Connaught school; a City Hall update on an important thing with a boring name, Gwynne Dyer, David Suzuki, probably the final Street Wear ever, a preview of the CFL season, a review of the Mary Pratt show at the Mackenzie with the shittiest headline I’ve ever written, a review of the Jonathan Glazer-directed Scarlett Johansson-starring sci-fi film Under The Skin;  plus News Quirks, Bonus Column, Barking Dogs, Hnetflix, three excellent Top 6 listicles, a bunch or album reviews and more!

Pick up a copy and read it while you have a great weekend!

*Dechene calls it an “illustration miracle”. Pretty much!