Hey! Former Prairie Dog art director Nigel Hood is in the news! Nigel recently published a wicked, career-spanning poster on the Edmonton band SNFU that’s getting lots of well-deserved attention. From today’s Edmonton Journal:

Using computer software, Nigel Hood designed an illustration for each song on SNFU’s 10 albums — 138 in total. Once a day, he’d post an image on Instagram, a photo sharing app, for friends and fellow SNFU fans. Once he finished all the illustrations — some have two or three different images because they also appear on SNFU’s live or compilation albums — Hood decided to print them all on a poster.

“Honestly? It was just to make one guy laugh,” says the senior graphic designer at Red The Agency in Edmonton.

“So, for 138 days, I’d listen to a song, try to find a meaning and find something funny out of it and go from there. I’d give myself an hour each night — I have a two-year-old son and he (hopefully) goes to bed around 8 and then I’d use Adobe Illustrator to just make something.”

So what does this poster look like? Like this:

Art (SNFU-nigel hood)

Fucking awesome. Not sure if Nigel’s going be selling prints over the Internet, but if he is I’ll let you know.

By the way, I only found out about this because I was reading about Oiler’s prospect Bogdan Yakimov in the Journal when I should have been working. Nigel, who is far too familiar with my work habits, would probably be amused.

Congratulations, Nigel!