If you like hot and heavy rock ‘n’ roll and metal you’ll want to check out the German Club on Thursday and Friday night. That’s when a two-day festival called NoiseFest is happening. According to the promoter, the club will be divided into upper and lower sections with bands rocking out on both levels both nights.

Here’s how the line-up shapes up. On Thursday, Gunner, Slypstream Small City Blues, Hell Hounds and Electric Mother will be playing the lower stage while Big Muddy, Screaming Daisies, Majetik, Newera and Over the Air will be featured on the upper stage.

On Friday, the Vu Du Hounds, Mejia, Port Noise, BrainDead Romeo and Days of Truth will do lower stage honours while the Black Drapes, Almost Alien, Carson Aaron, the League of One and Beautiful Thieves while showcase their chops on the upper stage.

Doors at the German Club are 7 p.m. both nights, and admission is $7 each night or $10 for two-day pass. That works out to less than one dollar a band so it’s a steal of a deal. To give you a taste here’s some video from 2012 of BrainDead Romeo performing for a Shaw TV program in Saskatoon: