If you’re the sort of person who finds discussions about science and religion entertaining, then you’re in luck because at 6:45 CST (I think that’s 5:45 here? UPDATE: Whoops. Got it wrong. The debate started at 4:45 here. I’m listening to it right now.) there will be an Intelligence Squared debate on the subject of “Death Is Not Final“. It will be streamed live at the Neurologica blog.

Arguing that death is indeed final are two people I really enjoy listening to: Steven Novella, a neurologist and host of Skeptics Guide To The Universe, and Sean Carroll, a physicist at the California Institute of Technology.

Arguing that death is not final are Ebon Alexander, a neurosurgeon and author of Proof Of Heaven, and Raymond Moody, an MD and author of Life After Life.

Personally, my money’s on Alexander and Moody being completely routed. But I guess we’ll find out at six. In the meantime, here’s a talk Sean Carroll gave last year on the subject of purpose and the universe. It’s a bit long but I found it interesting…