daily-aggregation-21. APPARENTLY IT’S NOT INTIMIDATION TO TELL YOUR FOREIGN WORKERS YOU’LL HAVE THEM BOOTED OUT OF THE COUNTRY IF THEY GET UPPITY The Temporary Foreign Worker program sucks. We need immigration, not exploitation.

2. BYPASS BRIBE The Harper government’s Gerry Ritz dumps a shit-ton of money on Regina to build a bypass using a public-private-partnership funding model they have such an ideological hard-on for.

3. “I AM SHOCKED BY THE DEPRAVITY OF THE PRIME MINISTER The lawyer who fought against the Harper Government’s appointment of an ineligible judge to the Supreme Court probably isn’t voting Conservative next election.

4. ISLAMIST FUCKERS The Nigerian terrorist group Boko Harem boasted that it’s responsible for kidnapping more than 200 girls from a Nigerian school three weeks ago and said it might sell them on the open market. BBC has a video backgrounder on the group.

5. TODAY’S UKRAINE NEWS Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed by undercover Russian soldiers posing as Ukranians pro-Russian separatists.

6. WANTED: ONE GRAND CHIEF Regional chiefs will meet in Ottawa to talk about replacing Assembly Of First Nations’ Grand Chief Shawn Atleo, who resigned on Friday. In related news, federal changes to First Nations education are now on hold.

7. U.S. SUPREME COURT UPHOLDS PRAYER AT CITY COUNCIL MEETINGS Read about it here and catapult your opinions into public discourse in the comments. And question for Dechene: I can’t remember, but doesn’t Regina’s City Council open with a prayer? [Update from Dechene: Yep. It does. I use those few seconds more productively by tweeting snark.]


9. WTF ARE STARFISH DYING? Mass die-offs along the west coast. Scientists suspect a pathogen is responsible.

10. FAN EXPO? MORE LIKE FUN EXPO! Ouch, that was lame. Anyway, hope it returns next year. Read our coverage here, here and here. Read other outlets’ coverage here, here and here. More from us later today.

HAVE YOU SEEN THIS RAH RAH VIDEO? The band released a video for their song “20s” last week. It’s gooood.