daily-aggregation-21. HOLY SHIT, DOES THE UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN PRESIDENT HAVE VETO POWER OVER PROFESSOR TENURE? There’s been an accusation that this is the case. If so, WOW. The U of S will be well on its way to being a hundred times the clown carnival that First Nations university was. More on the ongoing clusterfuck here.

2. THERE’S GOING TO BE A CORNER GAS MOVIE And it will be filmed in Rouleau. Shooting starts next month. The province is contributing $2 million: $500,000 through Creative Saskatchewan, and $1.5. million from… Tourism Saskatchewan? What the fuck? So, uh, I guess the province picks and chooses which films to support on a case-by-case basis, depending on how well they represent someone’s idea of what’s appropriate for Saskatchewan’s image?.  Well, that’s bullshit. WolfCop, by the way, only got $250,000.  Enough of my ranting. Here’s the Saskatchewan Media Production Industry Association’s press release, which says, in part, “SMPIA is saddened though that what was once a great Saskatchewan production is now being done with the assistance of Ontario’s refundable tax credit and will therefore hire many Ontario crew members rather than Saskatchewan residents during the month-long film shoot.”

 3. SAY NO-LIO TO POLIO The CIA is going to stop using polio vaccination programs as a cover for espionage. Uh, yeah, probably a good idea.

4. CANADIAN KIDS AREN’T GETTING ENOUGH EXERCISE The biggest problems: too much time in from of computers and TV, and not walking or biking to school.

5. WILL WAB KINEW RUN FOR AFN LEADERSHIP? He’s considering it. That would be interesting. Talk about generational change.

6. ABORTION, POLITICS AND THE INFLUENCE JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S POP The floppy-haired younger Trudeau says this about his dad: “My father had no problem legalizing divorce, decriminalizing homosexuality and moving in ways that recognized the basic rights of the people. He too held fast to his beliefs. But he also understood that as leaders, as political figures, and as representatives of a larger community, our utmost responsibility is to stand up for people’s rights.” Goddamn right.

7. AROUND THE WORLD Martial law in Thailand, murder and still-missing girls in Nigeria, Israeli forces apparently executed a couple of unarmed teenagers and slavery contributes $150 billion to the global economy. Yay slavery!