daily-aggregation-21. ENVIRONMENTALIST HERO FARLEY MOWAT PASSES AWAY Here’s the sad news on CBC, and in the Toronto Star and Globe and Mail. And here’s a wire story in The Star-Phoenix. The Ontario-born Mowat spent a chunk of his childhood in Saskatoon. He had pet owls, rattlesnakes and an alligator, and at 13 wrote a Star-Phoenix column.

2. UGANDA SUCKS Uganda pokes the civilized world in the eye — and invites it to punch it in the face back — by putting two gay men on trial.

3. PUTIN SOFTENS HIS UKRAINE RHETORIC Today’s news: better than yesterday’s.


5. HIGH ON REHAB Rob Ford sure is super-duper excited about his rehabilitation at an undisclosed location. He’s so excited, he’s calling everyone to tell them about it. On his cell phone.

6. KORY SHEETS BUSTED FOR POSSESSING MARIJUANA Pffft. Dumb law. Weed should be legal. He SHOULD’VE been busted for impaired driving. Smoking pot and speeding is not okay.

7. GAY INMATES LOSE COURT BID TO LIVE TOGETHER Shrug. As long as they’re treated the same as an incarcerated hetero couple, there’s no need for urgent outrage. Now, if they’re not… different story.

8. EXECUTIVES WILL RUN THE AFN FOR THE TIME BEING Here’s an update on the Assembly of First Nations leadership situation. You might recall Shawn Atleo stepped down as grand chief last week.

9. WHAT’S UP IN SASKATOON THESE DAYS? A 21-year-old woman faces 14 charges after two teenagers were killed and one critically injured in a collision with the stolen truck the allegedly impaired woman was allegedly driving; the University of Saskatchewan inspires the next generation of citizens with state-of-the-art cost-cutting technology; and a guy from Saskatoon is still looking to take a one-way trip to Mars.

10. PINOCCHIO REX? That’s what they’re nicknaming a newly-described species of small, long-nosed tyrannosaurus. By “small”, we’re talking only 30 feet or so. “Only”.

THIS WACKY SEVENTIES DRUG VIDEO IS DEDICATED TO CORY SHEETS I stole it from Regina artist Jason Cawood’s Facebook, so tip of the hat to Jason.