Proposed stadium design.At 8am on Thursday, city hall is throwing an embargoed technical briefing for press types at the Queensbury Conference Centre.

Then at 10am, the city, Roughriders and Evraz Place will be making “an historical announcement” about the stadium portion of the RRI.

I’m planning to be there, bright and early. And I know how this’ll go. I’ll roll up on my rickety bike and the city people will be all like, “Oh great, here comes Prairie Dog. They hate everything.”

But I want to remind everybody that in February 2013 I came out in favour of this megaproject.

Want proof? Here’s the intro to that piece which was titled, “Reds Everywhere“:

I know many people have probably been counting me among the stadium naysayers. But in the wake of city council passing their stadium funding plan at their meeting on Jan. 28, I want to announce that I love this plan. I’m excited to be a part of it.

Let’s do it. And here’s why…

That article includes a breakdown of sorts of the costs of the stadium project. But if you want something with an easy-to-read table of projected costs, you can find that in a blog post from Jan. 2013 titled “I Have Seen The Future And It’s All Stadium“.