Breezeway (window)I’m not exactly sure what happened to this display case window on the east side  of Scarth Street Mall, but it’s been boarded up like this since before the Grey Cup last November.

There seems to be some confusion about who is responsible for what in the breezeway that runs the length of the block. There are people who live and own businesses along that stretch of Scarth (which is part of the Victoria Park Heritage Conservation District), but their understanding is that Harvard Developments and the city have some sort of joint responsibility to maintain the breezeway under an easement arrangement that dates back to the mid-1990s. Although perhaps they’re mistaken in that regard.

Not to take anything away from the current arrangement, understand, as it certainly is a nice piece of plywood.

Disclosure: Greg Beatty lives in the Willoughby & Duncan building on the Scarth St. mall.