Cawood(sears)If you’re in the downtown area in the next month and want to experience a blast from the past, this exhibition is on at Neutral Ground (203-1856 Scarth). It’s by Regina artist Jason Cawood, and consists of a video loop of over 500 images culled from different media sources (magazines, government pamphlets, advertising and more) from the 1960s-1980s.

In addition to offering a fascinating, and often cringe-inducing, insight into the fads, fashions and social mores of that by-gone era, the images also serve as critique of issues tied to representation and identity, be it masculine, feminine, queer, or visible minority.

That’s one of the images posted above, and you can find another after the jump.¬†Decades¬†is on at Neutral Ground until April 30.¬†