Rumours began circulating yesterday about the possible break-up of legendary Aussie blues rockers AC/DC because of an illness in the band. Guitarist Malcolm Young was the focus of the rumours, and it’s now being reported that the 61-year-old is suffering from dementia.

The band has subsequently squelched any talk of retirement and plans remain on track to record a new album in Vancouver in May and then embark on a 40th anniversary tour.

My introduction to the band came in 1980. I was at the music store in Southland Mall (A&A maybe?) and they were playing the band’s new release Back In Black on the in-store stereo. I heard a couple of tunes while I was wandering around, then I went over to the counter to see what they had playing and picked up a copy. Then I went over to a friend’s house where a group of us gave it a listen over a brew or three.

To close, here’s a tune from that LP as performed live by the band in Argentina in 2012: