daily-aggregation-21. BREAKING PROMISES The “we won’t privatize government liquor stores” Saskatchewan government privatizes several liquor stores. The move costs 12 well-paid union jobs. Union haters will doubtless be happy that 12 people will have less money to spend at local businesses. (H/T Simon Enoch)

2. PAY IT BACKWARDS Social Services Minister June Draude will repay car service expenses from a recent trip.

3. GEORGIA SURE LIKES GUNS The state is about to greatly expand the rights of gun owners to carry guns all over the place. I suppose this is a good thing. Georgia will accumulate statistics* on firearm deaths and injuries, and those statistics can be compared to other states with tighter gun laws, and then we can have a lovely fact-based discussion on the merits of encouraging everyone to buy a gun. And you realize that’s the key to all this, right? It’s not about individual freedoms. It’s about gun companies freedom to profit off a citizen’s arms race. Silly Americans. Silly gun extremists.

*Of course, the gun lobby is aware of this so they’ll do everything they can to make collecting data on gun death and injury illegal. They’re evil, not stupid.

4. DOLPHINS IN TROUBLE This story is potentially fascinating. It is potentially beyond fucked that a cop allegedly gave mall security camera footage of a disgruntled swim club member to the swim club’s board.

5. IS ROB FORD OFF THE HOOK? CBC reviews the situation after the investigation into the mayor is suspended by the Ontario Provincial Police, while the Toronto Star looks at just-released wiretaps of Ford’s friend, Sandro Lisi.

6. HELLO, GOLF CLUBS The Winnipeg Jets miss the playoffs again, and once again they weren’t bad enough to score a top pick in the draft (unless they fluke out in the draft lottery). Management should’ve assembled truly terrible teams the last couple of years. The journey to respectability takes a lot longer when you don’t have anything to build around Sad. Well, at least my Blue Jackets are looking solid!

7. MANITOBA’S NDP GOVERNMENT SOUNDS LIKE IT SUCKS It’s too bad the alternative is a Conservative government. Conservatives break important things every time the get power anywhere. I wish it was different. It should be different.

8. A GUY IN CALGARY BELIEVES IN BIGFOOT A LOT Look, there’s almost certainly no bigfoots out there. I wish there were, probably more than you. But let’s face facts. Then again, this stuff is fun to read about.

THE WORF OF WALL STREET I’m a little late posting this I suppose, but it’s hilarious and you will like it. So here it is.