CansenateThe Canadian Senate (interior pictured above) has been in the news a lot lately — mostly for the scandal that has enveloped some senators over improperly claimed living expenses. That’s added increased impetus to long-standing calls from many different quarters for the Senate to be reformed or even abolished. But that isn’t necessarily the easiest thing to do as the Senate is a branch of our federal government and it’s not fully understood what constitutional process would be required to revamp or eliminate the institution.

That issue is currently being considered by the Supreme Court of Canada in a special reference case. Arguments were heard last fall, and a decision isn’t expected for several more months. Tonight, former Lt.-Gov. of Saskatchewan Gordon Barnhart will discusses the topic of Senate Reform at this annual University of Regina lecture. The lecture is being held at the ED106.1 at 7 p.m. and more info can be had by calling 306-585-4226.