Six in the Evening1. IT SNOWED ON THE FIRST DAY OF SPRING AND MORE LOCAL NEWS Snow! Money to build a new Connaught school! The Saskatchewan Rentalsman ruled in favour of some Cathedral tenants! The Fougemayor likes Saskatchewan’s budget!

2. YOU PROBABLY HEARD ABOUT ALBERTA’S PREMIER? She resigned yesterday. One name apparently tossed around as a replacement is former environment minister and current pipeline lobbyist, Jim Prentice.  And yes, the preceding sentence is horrifying. Finally, here’s a short re-cap of Alberta’s last five premiers.

3. RUSSIAN VODKA BAN IN SASK? Sure, but a little late to the party. The Russian vodka boycott started last summer in protest of the country’s bigoted, anti-gay laws.

4. CONSERVATIVE’S PAROLE CHANGES ARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL: SUPREME COURT The court says the law’s okay but it can’t be retroactively applied to people who have already been sentenced. Seems like a no-brainer to me. You’d think a national government would be professional enough to know you can’t change rules mid-game, but apparently not.

5. JUST A REMINDER THAT TORONTO’S MAYOR IS UNDER INVESTIGATION FOR ARRANGING A JAILHOUSE BEATING That’s all. Oh wait! You should read Dechene’s interview with Toronto Star reporter and author of Crazy Town: The Rob Ford Story Robyn Doolittle. It’s in the new issue that came out today.

6.PHELPS IS DEAD, DEAD, DEAD The founder of the awful Westboro Baptist Church finally died. The Washington Post’s Stephen Petro says we shouldn’t celebrate. TMZ has a different  take.

BONUS: GIANT SNAKES HAVE AMAZING HOMING INSTINCTS Are they heading to your house right now? Maybe! If you’re lucky.

VIDEO: ANOTHER GODZILLA TRAILER! This is number #3, not counting the excellent ComicCon trail. I’m really looking forward to this one, can you tell?