WolfCopThe above poster popped up on my Facebook feed earlier today. It’s by Tom “the Dude” Hodge, and it provides details on when the locally produced horror thriller WolfCop will hit Canadian theatres.

As you’ll doubtlessly recall, WolfCop was the grand prize winner in a CineCoup contest last spring/summer where 100 or so film production companies submitted initial proposals/trailers and the field was gradually whittled down until only one was left standing.

Filming on the project began in August. In addition to the CineCoup prize money, WolfCop producers also received $250,000 from Creative Saskatchewan to aid in production.

On June 6, we’ll get to see what the producers, cast and crew were able to put together. And as you can see from the poster, a contest is currently underway to find a tagline for the film. So if you’ve got an idea, feel free to enter.