daily-aggregation-21. MICHIGAN’S GAY MARRIAGE BAN IS RULED UNCONSTITUTIONAL Yay! Alas, the state’s attorney general is trying to force a stay in the ruling, because I guess he doesn’t want gay people to be treated the same way as straight people (i.e. allowed to marry the consenting adult human partner of their choice). Hey, remember in the past when some Americans didn’t think white people should be allowed to marry black people? That sure looks ridiculous now, doesn’t it? Gee, I wonder what made me think of that. Just popped into my head. On a related note, did you hear about the Simon Fraser University economics professor Douglas Allen? He testified to help Michigan keep same-sex marriage illegal? Yeah! He apparently thinks gay people are sinners who go to hell! A Canadian professor! Wow, that really makes me think he’s a rational person and not some nutcase fanatic religious bigot!

2. “IT MUST BE A PROFOUND EMBARRASSMENT FOR THE GOVERNMENT” A Conservative appointee to the Supreme Court of Canada is rejected by said Supreme Court, as are the the sketchy Conservative rule changes that allowed it. Good additional story on this here.

3. NEW CANADIAN SANCTIONS ON RUSSIA Story here. Related: analysis on Russia’s annexation of Crimea by 2014 Minifie lecturer Nahlah Ayed here.

4. RAPISTS SENTENCED TO LIFE IN PRISON Yup, another gang-rape case in India. Seems to me it would be simpler for everyone if human males would just knock this shit off.

5. JOHN GORMLEY FINDS IT WORRISOME THAT SOMEONE WOULD PROTEST HIS BOOK EVENT His column on the subject is here. Personally I find it troubling that the protester gave John a snake to imply something negative. Snakes are awesome.

6. SMITTY’S SERVICE A Canadian forces vet with a service dog says he was told he couldn’t bring his dog into the restaurant.

7. BC NDP POLITICIAN WILL REPAY 34k AFTER APPARENT (SOON TO BE EX-) HUSBAND-BASED ERRORS, BUT THE STORY IS MORE COMPLICATED THAN THAT British Columbia MLA and imminent single parent Jenny Kwan has written a cheque to cover vacation expenses that appear to have been paid for inappropriately. The expenses were found in a government audit of the province’s Portland Hotel Society, which runs the critically needed safe injection centre, Insite, and also sticks up for homeless people having trouble with other government agencies. The PHS’s board was forced to resign after the audit. Important background that dogs into the grey areas of the story here. Actually, you know what? Just read this piece in The Georgia Straight. In fact, you should also read this piece in the Tyee that speaks to the good work the Portland Hotel Society has done. Told you it was complicated. A lot more here than one MLA’s family vacation, eh? By the way, the reason I’m linking to a BC politics story is because A.) anything involving Insite is national news in my book and B.) this stuff is a must-read cautionary tale for anyone who sees non-profit organizations as a way to make the world a better place.

8. HAWAIIAN COPS NEED TO SEX PROSTITUTES! So they say. Well, maybe sex work shouldn’t be criminal if cops need the sex, hmmmmmmmmmmm?



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