daily-aggregation-21. FREE TRADE DEAL WITH SOUTH KOREA? Looks like — and it could be bad news for Canada’s auto sector.

2. TODAY IN UKRAINE Russian machinations continue. Also, the U.S. says it won’t recognize referendum results.

3. MEANWHILE IN VENEZUALA VENEZUELA Cops in riot gear and a declaration in support of the government. Canada, the U.S. and Panama opposed the Organization of American States declaration, by thee way-ee.

4. STILL MISSING There’s still no sign of the Malaysian Airlines plane that vanished Saturday, while two passengers were apparently flying on stolen passports.

5. STROMBO NIGHT IN CANADA George Stroumboulopoulos* will be the new host of Hockey Night In Canada next fall? Ookay. Ron and, sadly, Don** are sticking around.

*I don’t think I’ve ever typed “Stroumboulopoulos” before. It has two more “U”s than I would’ve guessed. I say that as a veteran typer of “Diamantopoulos”.

**Used to like him but I’ve wanted him to go away ever since he called cyclists “pinkos” — that was mean-spirited and dumb as hell. He doesn’t like fitness? Besides, his constant fawning over dead soldiers is creepy.

6. ONE YEAR AGO CAM BROTEN BECAME SASKATCHEWAN’S NDP LEADER A newspaper collects the thoughts of three men: two political Ph.D’s and some other guy.

7. TUITION GOING UP FOUR PER CENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SASKATCHEWAN I suspect part-time wages are not going up four per cent. Also, if one stepped back and looked at the costs of Canadian post-secondary education, it might almost look as though there was a deliberate plan to stop young people from acquiring critical thinking skills by making education inaccessible. Almost.


9. TRUE DETECTIVE FINALE CRASHES SERVERS Haven’t watch the series.  Hear it’s great. Server-crashing great, apparently.

10. THE MASLANYS WIN BIG The Regina-born Orphan Black stars (I refuse to believe this is just one person!) won a Canadian Screen Award (formerly Gemini) for best actress last night. Congrats! Here’s the trailer for Orphan Black’s second season, which starts April 19:


WHY ARE YOU STILL READING? THAT’S IT FOR THIS MORNING. WHAT, DO YOU  NEED MORE AGGREGATION? Fine then. Aidan was his usual excellent, witty self in yesterday’s Weekly Reckoning column. He makes fun of baby boomers AND millennials! Check it out.