daily-aggregation-21. A FIRE, A MURDER, AND TWO MISSING ABORIGINAL WOMEN CJME has the story.

2. LOGIC LESSON Real Renewal’s Trish Elliott wrote an excellent rebuttal to the Leader-Post’s annoying, pro-school closure editorial. Read it.

3. STEPHEN HARPER BRINGS DYSFUNCTIONAL U.S.-STYLE LEGISLATING TO CANADA The liberals say the Harper government once again shoveled unrelated crap into a budget bill. It’s a short article, and the Tory maneuver doesn’t sound too evil this time, but still. It just looks goddamn sneaky and they’ve gotta knock it off.

4. THIS IS WHAT A ROLE MODEL LOOKS LIKE Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield is in town today. No offence to soldiers, police officers and business people, but if I had kids I’d encourage them to look up to astronauts.

5. NOVA SCOTIA GETS RID OF STUDENT LOAN INTEREST Read about that here. Tuition is still way too high everywhere. Punishing citizens for getting an advanced education is terrible public policy. University tuition in Canada used to be far affordable, until the mid-90s.  It can be more affordable again.

6. FIGHTING FOR LGBT RIGHTS IN CHINA Xian Xiohan sues Hunan province for refusing to register his non-profit gay rights organization. From the BBC story: “In a written reply to him, the local government said homosexuality had no place in Chinese traditional culture and “the building of spiritual civilization” — a catchphrase in modern China for what many believe is the party’s indoctrination.” Xiohan is 19. Rock on, Xian!

7.CLIMATE CHANGE IS SINKING AN AREA OF BANGLADESH Too bad for people living there I guess.

8. A DEAF WOMAN HEARS FOR THE FIRST TIME AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL You have to read this and watch the video. And the first song she heard? Perfect.