Click me for more city hall stories…I thought using Storify to repurpose my Twitter activity from Monday’s council meeting into a chronological wrap-up of what went down would make for a quick and efficient way to produce a blog post from work I’d already done. But then I was like, “I’d better add in some explanatory notes so that someone reading through this who doesn’t have the council agenda open next to them will better understand what’s happening.” And once I started doing that, well, shit, this ended up taking AGES to finish.

I’ll stop whining. But that’s why you’re getting this update today and not 15 minutes after I started working on it yesterday afternoon.*

Anyway, if you’re looking for a colourful blow-by-blow account of Monday’s council meeting — with notes — we’ve got that after the jump.

But if you just want a quick, one sentence synopsis, here it is: Council revoked the Roughriders’ property tax exemptions; legalized food trucks for all time; mandated multi-family buildings will have to do recycling on their own; reorganized their administration structure; gave Edward Street residents hope that sewer work will start in their neighbourhood in 2015 instead of 2017; supported the federal Homelessness Partnering Strategy by saying they’ll keep doing what they’ve already been doing; said okey-dokey to PCL building the stadium; and, through the machinations of Councillor Hawkins, stalled a laneway suite pilot project in Harbour Landing by at least another month; the end.

If the slideshow isn’t working for some reason, try going directly to the story by clicking here.

* I guess technically I could’ve finished late last night but I let it sit so I could binge watch a TV show Awesome Klassen gave me. Thanks Awesome Klassen. You were right. It was awesome.