nominate-me-200Hello, fellow food fans! Best of Food’s first-ever nomination round is open and Prairie Dog needs you to vote for your favourite Regina restaurants, menu items, places to drink and food industry people. Between three and five of the top vote-getters in every category will go on to the final round, so if you like a place, support it!

Cast your nomination votes here!

Any questions? Yes, you in the plastic “Spider-Man” bib:

I don’t understand any of this. What’s this nomination round?

Sigh. Okay, you know how the NHL has a regular season and the playoffs? This is the regular season. The top vote getters will go on to the Best Of Food  playoffs.

Okay, I sort of get that. How do we do this again?

Click here and all will be explained. It’s fun and easy!

Do I need to do all my nominations at once?

No, no, no. This is a register-and-log-in kind of deal, so you can do a little bit at a time, whenever you like. Your answers will be saved.

Do I need to nominate something  or someone in every category?

Nah. Just do as many as you can. In the final round, anyone who votes in 20 or more categories will be eligible for $500 worth of prizes!

When’s the nomination deadline?

Do you want the truth, or a fake deadline to trick you into filling this out before the last minute?

The truth, please. I can take it.

Okay. The final deadline is Monday, March 24 at 5 p.m. Don’t procrastinate.

What happens after nominations close?

The final round of Best Of Food voting starts Thursday, March 27! It will be multiple choice with the top nominations from this round. Like I said, there will be three to six choices in each category (one or two categories might have more depending on how close the nominations were.)

Any other questions?

Yeah, aren’t you worried that some restaurant owners will cheat by getting friends and family to vote for them?

No, I’m not worried, because that’s not cheating. That’s campaigning. Candidates are ALLOWED to campaign in elections! Sheesh. You live in Canada, which is a democracy, so you should really know how this stuff works by now.

I guess that’s okay. So, will businesses put up lawn signs? Lol.

Actually, we made web graphics that businesses can Facebook and/or Tweet. They can be downloaded here. BTW, there will be larger, print-quality promotional posters for the next round of voting.

Will this one great restaurant I love be on the final ballot?

If it gets enough votes in the nomination round, absolutely. But that’s up to you, not us. If you like a place, tell your friends to try it out and vote for it.

Okay, thanks for answering all of my questions. I’ll register and start nominating stuff.

Great! And it’s no problem. I’m glad to help.